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New Since 9/08/07  

         The heresy of the  "Perpetual Adultery Doctrine"  (Be careful not to fall for this foolishness.)
                                                                                                             Article written by Doug Miller)

 New Since 7/07/07  

         "Is Baptism Part of the Gospel of Salvation?"  (by Steve Barton)

New Since 8/27/06  

         "True Unity"  (When Christian unity is at the expense of the truth, unity is no longer
                                         with God, but with the father of lies. by Adam Barton)

         "Satanic Sin"  (What is the most devastating Satanic sin
                                           practiced today, even by preachers? by Steve Barton)

New Since 6/25/06  

         "Luke 24"  (Unbelieving disciples learn the truth on the Road to Emmaus. by Steve Barton)

New Since 4/1/06  

         "Nicodemus"  (How is one born again?  by Steve Barton)

         "San Ramon Valley Bible Church"  (Commendation letter of Carl & Ruth Knott,
                                                                                  from San Ramon Valley Bible Church.)

         "Why Sunday worship?"  (Comments and replies on the article "Truth" by Steve Barton)

         "¿BAJO QUÉ LEY ESTÁS?"  (by Steve Barton)

         "Galatians 2b"  (by Steve Barton -  If righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.)

New Since 3/19/06

         "Galatians 2a"  (by Steve Barton - Contending for the faith.)

New Since 2/19/06

"Galatians 1"  (by Steve Barton - The apostle Paul is stunned to see the Galatians
                                         abandon the true gospel for a false gospel.)

New Since 1/27/06

         "Cornelius"  (Audio file by Steve Barton)

          PERTURBADORES DE ALMAS  (Steve Barton)

New Since 12/25/05

          ¿DÓNDE ESTÁ?  (Carl Knott)



          "ALERTA DE TORMENTA"  (Carl Knott)


          ¿Choque Cultural En El Rapto?  (R.E. Harlow)

          Conformed or Transformed

New Since 12/01/04

         "Scriptural Proof: Mary is Not the Mother of God"  (by JOHN SCHROEDER)

         "Hebrews 6:4 & Eternal Life"  (This article explains how Hebrews 6:4 teaches
                                                                        the eternal security of true belivers)

New Since 09/01/04

          "Paz a vosotros"   (Español)

          "Which Law are You Under?"  (Are Christians under the Law of Moses?)

          "Baptism Testimonies"

New Since 07/01/04

          "2004 Trip to Dominican Republic"

          "The Real Passion" (Another Jesus, another spirit, another gospel. (2 Cor. 11:4))

New Since 05/01/04

          "Beware"  (Be on your guard.)

          "Storm Warning"  (by Carl Knott)

          "Halloween"   (Español)

New Since 04/01/04

          "Las Puertas del Hades"   (Español)

New Since 02/01/04 

          "Complete Control"  (Jesus was in complete control of His life, even at His death.)

New Since 01/01/04

          "Subverters of Souls"  (Those who teach that one has to keep the law of Moses to be saved
                                                           subvert the souls of those who believe them.) 

New Since 09/01/03

          "Truth"  (How important is truth to the believer?)

          "WHAT IS THIS FOOLISHNESS ABOUT"  (Gay Rights?) 

New Since 05/01/03

         2003 Trip to Dominican Republic Assembly 

         2003 Trip to Dominican Republic Baptist Church

New Since 09/01/02


New Since 08/01/02

         Trip to Dominican Republic

New Since 06/01/02

          "Reversing the Trend"  (by Donald Norbie)

          "Defending the Pre-Trib Rapture"  (offsite)

New Since 05/01/02

          DO GOOD PEOPLE GO TO HEAVEN? (by Carl Knott)

           The Jacobson Family  (Lima, Peru.)

New Since 03/01/02


          "El poder de Dios?"  (Español)

          "Rachel Lynn Fleeger"  (Español)

          "Knott family newsletter"

          “¿Es Ud. un hijo de Dios, o sólo religioso?”  (Parte II Español)

          "The Honor Of The Name"  (by Elliot Van Ryn)

New Since 02/01/02

          “¿Es Ud. un hijo de Dios, o sólo religioso?” (Parte I Español)

          "Knott family newsletter"

New Since 01/01/02

          "Politically Correct or Biblically Correct?"

New Since 12/01/01

          “Convictions or Conveniences?”  (“you never know what’s in a man until he’s squeezed!”)

          "Navidad"  (Español)

          "THE CHRISTMAS JESUS CAME TO MY HOUSE"  (by Carl Knott)

          "Clothing"  (An excellent offsite article on clothing by James Martin)

          "Guilty of Fraud?"  (Do you rob God? by Carl Knott)

          "The Christian Family" (by Carl Knott)

          "Harry Potter"  (Español)

          "THE CHRISTIAN AND POLITICS"  (By Carl Knott)

New Since 11/01/01

          "Savior or Lord? - Savior and Lord!"  (By Donald Norbie)

          "Knott family newsletter"

          Christmas and the Scripture  (offsite)

          Christmas and Romans 14:5-6a  (offsite)

          "Should a Christian Celebrate Christmas?"  (offsite)

New Since 10/01/01

          "The Greater Tragedy"  (The September 11 tragedy)

          "Rightly Dividing Christian Liberty!"  (Free to serve God, or license to sin?)

          "I Speak in Tongues More Than You All"   (Excellent offsite article on tongues.)

          "You Have Carefully Followed My Doctrine"  (True unity is through doctrinal soundness.)

          "United States of America What's NEXT? Is the end near?"  (The Rapture.)