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         The heresy of the  "Perpetual Adultery Doctrine"  (Be careful not to fall for this foolishness.)
                                                                                                              Article written by Doug Miller)

"Is Baptism Part of the Gospel of Salvation?"  (by Steve Barton)

          "Hebrews 6:4 & Eternal Life"  (This article explains how Hebrews 6:4 teaches
                                                                        the eternal security of true belivers)

          "Which Law are You Under?"  (Are Christians under the Law of Moses?)

          "Is Roman Catholic Tradition Trustworthy?"  (This article deals with the "man made
which the Roman Catholic Church claims is God's Word.)

          "Do you Know Mary?"  (Compares the Mary of the Bible to the Mary of the Roman Catholic

          "What I have Found"  (An excellent article on New Testament church practices.)

          "Infant Baptism Q&A"  (Excellent offsite article dealing with infant baptism. Also check out
                     "Another Gospel" on this site.)

          "I Speak in Tongues More Than You All"   (Excellent offsite article on tongues.)

          "Christmas and the Scripture"  (offsite)

          "Christmas and Romans 14:5-6a"  (offsite)

          "Should a Christian Celebrate Christmas?"  (offsite)

          "Xmas"   (Great article showing what Christmas is really about.)

          "THE CHRISTMAS JESUS CAME TO MY HOUSE"  (by Carl Knott)

          "Clothing"  (An excellent article on clothing by James Martin)

          "THE CHRISTIAN AND POLITICS"  (By Carl Knott)

          "DO GOOD PEOPLE GO TO HEAVEN?"  (by Carl Knott)

          "Defending the Pre-Trib Rapture"  (offsite)

          "WHAT IS THIS FOOLISHNESS ABOUT"  (Gay Rights?)

          "Truth"  (How important is truth to the believer?)

          "Subverters of Souls"  (Those who teach that one has to keep the law of Moses to be saved
                                                           subvert the souls of those who believe them.)