In the Image of Christ Tracts

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            "The Gates of Hell"  (This article focuses on the eternal security of the believer.)

           "Are you a Child of God or are you Just Religious?" (Part One)  
(Self deception is deadly in
                  some instances especially religious ones.)

           "Are you a Child of God or are you Just Religious?" (Part Two)  
(Nicodemus was extremely
                  religious yet lost before he became a child of God. How about you?)

"Zeal without knowledge or Apathetic Christians"  
(The sad state of many today who call themselves

"The Christian and Halloween: Trick, or Treat?"  
(Should Christians participate in pagan holidays?)

"Peace to You!"  
(Man can't make peace with God, but God can, and did make a conditional peace with

(You may be surprised to learn the true origin of Christmas.)

LEFT BEHIND!"  (Are you truly prepared to meet God?)  

(Will you be ready when God raptures the Church?)

"The Power of God?"  
(The true power of God is displayed in the salvation of a lost soul, not the
                  charismatic circus we so often see today.)

           "REPENTANCE"  (A neglected doctrine in today's professing church.)

"Barley Fields and Bean Patches"  
(Is standing firm on what some consider minor truths just 
                "Splitting Hairs"?)

          "Another Gospel"  (Baptismal regeneration and the Belgic Confession article 34.)

          "Holy and Separate, or Worldly?"  (Come out from among them.)

          "What is Man?"  (What made God mindful of mankind?)

          "Rightly Dividing Christian Liberty!"  (Free to serve God, or license to sin?)

          "The Greater Tragedy"  (The September 11 tragedy)

          “Convictions or Conveniences?”  (“you never know what’s in a man until he’s squeezed!”)

          "Politically Correct or Biblically Correct?"

          "Complete Control"  (Jesus was in complete control of His life, even at His death.)

          "Beware"  (Be on your guard.)

          "The Real Passion" (Another Jesus, another spirit, another gospel. (2 Cor. 11:4))