Audio Messages


         "True Unity"  (When Christian unity is at the expense of the truth, unity is no longer
                                         with God, but with the father of lies. by Adam Barton)

         "Satanic Sin"  (What is the most devastating Satanic sin
                                           practiced today, even by preachers? by Steve Barton)

         "Luke 24"  (Unbelieving disciples learn the truth on the Road to Emmaus. by Steve Barton)

         "Nicodemus"  (How is one born again?  by Steve Barton)

         "Cornelius"  (What about those who never heard the gospel,
                                       is God Just in sending them to hell?  by Steve Barton )

         "Galatians 1"  (The apostle Paul is stunned to see the Galatians
                                         abandon the true gospel for a false gospel.  by Steve Barton)

         "Galatians 2a"  (Contending for the faith.  by Steve Barton)

         "Galatians 2b"  (If righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.  by Steve Barton)